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ABA in Switzerland



ABA has long been recognised in the United States, Canada, England, Norway, and many other countries as the therapy of choice for autism.  It was almost unknown in Switzerland until 1999.  Until 2002 only those families who could research in English and hire their own external consultants on their own cost were able to set up ABA Programs for their children.

The following report is from the first Swiss family starting an ABA program in 1999:

‘Shortly after our 5 year old son was diagnosed with PDD (pervasive development disorder) we organized an ABA program for him.  We contacted an ABA consultant in Norway, who agreed to hold a two-day workshop to establish our program.  We found potential ‘therapists’ through local newspaper ads and after the workshop we hired three of them to form a team with us to deliver 30 hours of ABA therapy per week for the next two years.  The consultant came twice a year to supervise and train the team and update the program. Our son made steady progress from the start and was able to attend our local primary school with the help of an aide (one of our ABA-trained therapists).  The success of our program led to other families starting up their own ABA programs.  Two of our therapists became experienced enough to work as consultants and support other families – for the first time in Swiss-German language.  Since 1999 more than 100 families have been able to benefit from an ABA program.’

In 2003 the Child and Adolescent Pschychiatric Clinic at the University of Zurich sent two psychologists to the Lovaas ABA clinic in New Jersey for a one year training program. 
Upon their return to Switzerland they started what is now known as the Zurich University Autism Project providing high quality ABA services to the community.  They have over the past few years become more established with own offices and expanded their services.  A link for more information (in German) is here: (www.kjpd.zh.ch/autismus).


ABA Parents Assn. Switzerland has also been active providing annual introductory and intermediate ABA/Verbal Behavior workshops (in English and German) allowing parents and professionals a first hand look and giving families the opportunity to sign up for services with professional consultants. 


For a list of ABA professionals working in Switzerland please go to: (ABA Providers)