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The following families all live in Switzerland and have written about their experience with ABA therapy:

Our Experience with ABA
In 2003 at the age of 4 our son received the diagnosis atypical autism (PDD).  The diagnosis was made by the Autism Center IAS, in Brugg, now located in Baden.  The IAS recommended that we start Ergo-therapy and continue with the usual early occupational therapy two hours a week.  (Read further)

ABA Success with Jennifer
Jennifer was born in 2000 and developed normally until after her 2nd birthday.  We are a bilingual family and she could count to five and name colors in German and Spanish.  When she turned three she regressed, her movements became more repetitive, and she ran around often in a confused state. (Read further)

Our Personal Experience with ABA Therapy from the mother’s viewpoint

We were lucky that our son received his autism diagnosis relatively early.  He was 4.5 years old and we had time before school started to set up an intensive ABA program for him.  Many parents in Switzerland receive the diagnosis later after the child is already placed in the special education school system.  The child then already has a large deficit in skills in comparison to his peers in regular school.  (Read further)